Hasta manaña

They call Lake Garda the Mecca of sailing. For us at Seascape it is more of a Nürburgring. We come out here to test our skills and our sailing “machines”. The constant clockwork sailing conditions – Northerly Vento in the morning, windless break for lunch, and southerly Ora in the afternoon, make this lake one of a kind. Since all the boats are pretty much the same it all comes down to how we sail them. You have to be on top of your boat handling, trim and tactics if you want to have any chance of winning any of the races.

We opened the SeascapeCup 2017 with a navigational course in the 15-20kt of morning Vento and technical windward/leeward in 5-10kt of afternoon Ora. Photos hardly do it justice but this is our best shot on recording this amazing day. And tomorrow is another and then another…

Results first day

Photos by: Ana Šutej