The day of the speed

Like foretold Saturday offered fantastic sailing, and boy did the crews use it! Vento came with a bit more force than yesterday, so the teams were able to push their boats and achieve some amazing double-digit speeds for the speed challenge part of the competition. Currently, the best result 14,52 kn average over 500m is held by Corna, and it is also the best official result of all times in Seascape18 class. You can check all the tracks on

Three technical races were sailed in the morning and one slower one in the afternoon. The wind was so strong it blew off the pin/gate mark right before the first start. It had to be replaced at the last moment which caused a small delay since it takes the anchor (brick) 8 minutes to reach 350+ m deep bottom of the glacier lake. Everything ran smoothly afterwards. Smiles on the faces of the sailors made us (the organisers on power boats) even more envious than usual. There were also a few short moments where mistakes were made, and passionate anger came out. But nevertheless, this is a sport and things like that happen.

We are especially proud of the aggregate sailing skill of the teams which reached a whole new level this year. The fleet stayed compressed trough all the races and we have seen the time difference between the finish of the first boat and the last under ten minutes. It shows how a friendly but still competitive atmosphere can help grow the knowledge of everybody.

Photos by: Ana Šutej