The day of the Devil

In my mind, lake Garda has always been a thing of wonder when it comes to nature, but I cannot say the same about the weather. I remember the misery of constant drizzle and cold. Without the wind and action on the water that kept me occupied it would quickly tip the balance of this love-hate relationship in favour of the later. So I feel like we hit the lottery this weekend. Like it was summer in October. We were sailing on the rough sea in the morning and a calm lake in the afternoon.

If we look back to the previous editions of the SeascapeCup, the skill you showed this year tops it all. There was no apparent winner in any of the races; the whole fleet always sailed and finished together with no separation. Fights were fought, lost and won meters from the finish line. I especially loved the way your sailing passion and competitive nature came out during the whole event. Emotions of despair and disappointment over the mistakes made; anger because of the competitors’ actions or jury decisions; the adrenaline fun of planing the whole downwind leg and last but not least the joy of winning. You were fierce warriors in the field, but onshore genuine camaraderie still grows strong – this is what we call a true Seascape spirit.

As always it was a pleasure to organise an event for gals and guys like you!

P.S. Did you notice the fleet has Devils on both ends of the result list? What does it mean? I believe it just confirms that you are all “od vraga” (Slovenian term for someone particularly good at something or capable of impossible).

P.S.S. I would like to apologise to the current all-time speed record holder – team Corna for the mixup at the ceremony and awarding the title to the other team. You are the true Speed Devil. 😀

¡Hasta mañana!

Photos by: Ana Šutej